Rosenserien and the environment

Rosenserien cares about the environment and our planet. All our packaging is recyclable, made from recycled plastic collected from the oceans  and we use environmentally-friendly inks. Nor do we have extra boxes outside the packaging. Rosenserien is a climate smart choice because production takes place in Sweden, in Östersund  and the products are

Environmental andclimate-friendlyreasons to chooseRosenserienproducts

  • Based on organically grown plants and herbs
  • Locally; Swedish production
  • The base ofmost of the products is certified aloe vera gel, which is also fair trade marked
  • Environmentally friendly packaging made of recycled plastic taken from the Oceans. They are also easy to recycle.
  • Not tested on animals, whether raw materials or finished product-are among the animals properly selected skincare brand. Approved by Animals Rights in Sweden and international PETA.
  • Mild scent without synthetic perfume(fits most fragrance allergy sufferers)
  • Without the addition ofsynthetic substances, alcohol, animal ingredientsand mineral oils
  • Very concentrated and lasting products as no water is added.

The last point may need some additional lighting: no water added in the products is very unusual. Water is not dangerousin itself, but to use large amounts of water has major implications for our environment. The water in our skin care products havea large environmental impact with both considering the volume of transport, packing number and volume overhaul in our treatment plants. In addition, more preservatives are needed the more water a product contains.

Environmentand climate workin office, warehouse and logistics

  • Conference calls instead of physical meetings.
  • Only eco-labeled paperfor printing and educational material.
  • Waste sortingin offices and kitchenettes.
  • Computers and printers are eco-labeled.
  • Only environmentally friendly transport, where the transport companies have environmental certification
  • Our supplier of cardboardis environmentally certified.
  • Our brochures and poster materials are printed on eco labelpaper.
  • We use recycled packaging materials.
  • Recycle all leftover packaging.
  • Our facilities are heated with air heating.
  • Allareas of the buildingare painted with the eco-labeledcolor.